Kitty Love Signs

Mar_2014_2Cats show their emotions in subtle ways, so despite how much petting, playing and treats you give her, you may wonder whether or not she returns your affections. Believe it or not, that annoying habit your cat has may actually be her way of showing you how much she cares.

Here’s a look at some of your kitty cat’s signs of affection:

  • Purring – We’re sure you’ve noticed, but it’s worth mentioning: Purring is a good sign your cat is smitten. When she approaches you with a purr, you can be sure she is expressing her love and contentment.
  • Nudges – If your cat nudges you with her head or body, she’s telling you she loves you. Known as “bunting”, it’s a special sign when your cat rubs herself against you, or bumps her head into you. This is reserved for her favorite friends and shows how much you mean to her.
  • Rolling – If your cat lies at your feet and rolls around, she’s saying, “I love you and want some attention!” This behavior exposes her belly, which puts her in a very vulnerable position. It’s something she only does with those she trusts and loves.
  • Kneading – Does your kitty come up to you and tread her front paws on your lap? If so, she is kneading you – another sign of affection. With this move, she says she feels loved and is at ease and simply adores you.
  • Gifts – Have you ever found a mouse, bug or some other prey before you? It might make you jump, but consider it a sign your cat loves you. Cats are hunters and offering you her catch is a sure sign of love.

The signs are subtle, but they’re there! Pay attention to her behaviors and you’ll see just how much your cat loves you.