Kitty Hydration Tips

Dec_2013_3Is your cat drinking enough water? Depending on her weight and diet, your cat should be drinking two to four ounces a day. If your cat is a picky kitty, you may need to try a few things to keep her properly hydrated. To encourage water drinking, follow these tips…

Sparkling Clean H20

  • Refresh your cat’s water every day. Water that sits for a few days can get stale or contaminated.
  • Offer filtered water rather than tap water, which has minerals and chlorine.
  • If your cat eats dry food, make sure fresh water is always available. Don’t add water to her food though. It could lead to spoilage.
  • If your cat is on a wet-food diet, she will need less water, but feel free to add a little to her food bowl.
  • Refill her water to the same level daily. This will make it easier to notice any changes in her water intake.

Water Bowl Protocol

  • Wash her water bowl often and rinse all traces of dish soap, which can burn her tongue.
  • Your cat might not like having her water close to her food source. In this case, a double feeder bowl with food and water next to each other would be a turn off. Try separate bowls instead.
  • Glass or stainless steel bowls are preferable as plastic may leave an unpleasant taste.
  • Some cats don’t like their whiskers touching the sides of the bowl when they drink.  Give her more room with a wide, shallow bowl.
  • If your cat prefers to drink running water, get her a water fountain. A water fountain can provide a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water for your cat. It could be a source of water and play!

Keep the fresh water flowing for a healthy cat and be sure to monitor her water intake. If she drinks more or less than normal, she should see a vet to be checked for health issues.