Training Your Dog Leash Manners

Dec_2014_1It’s a challenge to teach your dog not to pull on his leash when he’s busy exploring the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors. But it’s possible with consistent training. The next time Fido pulls ahead to explore, use these techniques to teach him leash manners.

Method 1: Stop and Go

  • When your dog starts to pull, stop walking and wait.
  • When he stops, praise him then move on.
  • Repeat this every time he pulls on the leash and he’ll eventually learn that pulling will keep him from walking.

Method 2: About Face

  • With this method, your dog’s pulling will have you making an about face.
  • When your dog starts pulling, turn around and walk back from where you came. Let the leash check your dog (gently).
  • As your pooch hurries to catch up with you, praise him.
  • Once he catches up, turn again and continue walking in the direction you were walking before.
  • If he pulls again, turn around and repeat the action. Teach your dog that pulling will have him checked by the leash and will keep him from heading where he wants to go.

It may seem contradictory, but exercising your dog before the training walk will help. He’ll be less likely to pull if he isn’t ready to run and full of energy.  Overall, keep training sessions short and fun. And remember, consistency is key.