Do You Know Your Cat’s Body Language?

Dec_2013_3Do you know what your kitty is saying? A cat uses her posture, tail, ears and expression to convey what she feels. Feline body language can be subtle, making it easy to misinterpret their signals. Read on for a guide to your cat’s body language.

Happy cat – Tail up, alert eyes, brisk movements.

Aggressive cat – Arched back, ears pointed up, movements are more forward and direct.

Playful cat – Fast and energetic movements, engages other cats or people in play.

Insecure cat – Avoids contact, grooms nervously, more common in smaller/younger cats.

Confident cat – Tail with a curved tip, ears forward, alert eyes.

Scared cat – Tail down or tucked under, slinks away, retreats from contact.

Curious cat – Alert, tail in the air, eager to investigate.

Affectionate cat – Blinks eyes slowly (a sign of trust).

What is your cat telling you? The next time she curls her tail around your legs (a friendly greeting) or slowly blinks at you, you know you’re getting signs of affection from a happy cat.