Kitten Proofing Your Home

Dec_2013_3A kitten’s life is driven by play and exploration. But don’t let her curiosity get her into trouble at home. Follow these tips to kitty proof your home for her safety. 


Before kitten arrives

When kitten proofing your home, focus on hazardous or poisonous items first. For example, keep chemical cleaners safely stored. Also, take a closer look at your house plants. You’d be surprised how many might be toxic or irritating. See the ASPCA’s list of toxic plants.

Unplug and play keep away

As your kitten explores her new home, she may try to investigate cabinets, book shelves and breakable items. Keep fragile items out of reach and cover or unplug electrical cords in case she chews on them.

Hanging items are tempting

Do you have hanging drapery cords within her reach? They will be too tempting to your kitty and can pose a choking hazard if she gets caught in them. Believe it or not, the tablecloth may be a tempting hazard too. A cloth-climbing kitty could lead to broken china and a vet visit.

Close the lid

The clothes dryer door and toilet bowl lid should be kept closed as they’re too dangerous if your kitten climbs in. Keep dresser drawers closed as well.

Food safety

If you have kids, remind them not to leave food out as certain items may harm your kitten. Here’s a list of food you should keep away from her.

And remember, kitten’s needs lots of play time to grow healthy. A good scratching post and a few toys for entertainment will help your kitten grow into a healthy, loving cat.