Have a Kitty-Safe Holiday


It’s time again for holiday meals, festive décor and visits with family and friends. While you’re enjoying the season, make sure your pets are thankful as well with these holiday safety tips.

 About the bird

Turkey and all the trimmings make for an enjoyable meal, but spicy or fatty items should be kept from pets. If you give your cat a small bite of turkey, make sure it’s well cooked and boneless. Above all, keep her away from any bones, which can be sharp and brittle.

A kitty-friendly feast

It’s OK to offer a few bites of turkey or a bite of sweet potato, but don’t indulge your cat too much or she’ll have a stomach upset or diarrhea. To make the occasion special, give your kitty her own feline-friendly treat instead.

Mind the sage

You might use sage and other herbs on turkey or in stuffing, but beware of the stomach upset it causes cats. The essential oils in certain herbs can affect your cat’s stomach and central nervous system.

No eating while baking

Homemade cake and bread may be part of the holiday meal, but should be fully cooked before eating. Like humans, pets shouldn’t eat raw cake batter or raw bread dough. Cake batter with raw eggs could contain salmonella bacteria and raw dough can expand in a pet’s stomach, causing pain and vomiting.

Keep the fires unlit

If holiday candles are part of your décor, keep kitty in mind. Fires are caused every year by candles that have been knocked over by pets. Holiday candles should be kept out of kitty’s reach or displayed unlit.

Say no to holiday stress

An enjoyable family celebration should also be stress free for cats. Give kitty a quiet space—a room or area where she can retreat, get food or water and stay away from the added guests and noise.

We hope you enjoy the holidays with your human and pet families!