Winning the War Against Fleas

Mar_2014_1You love your four-legged family members, but you probably don’t love some of the pests that come with them.

You’re not alone. But you can win the war against fleas if you’re consistent in your strategy.

Here are a few tips to keep fleas and ticks off your pets:

  • Break the flea and tick life cycle with treatments you can use on your pet, such as “spot-on” or topical treatments. They kill fleas on your pets and also keep new eggs from hatching. Top brands we carry include Advantage II, Advantix II, and Frontline Plus. These products also attack flea eggs before they have a chance to hatch.
  • Be consistent with your pet’s spot-on treatment. We recommend re-applying it every month.
  • Flea shampoos are also a good “first attack” against fleas. If your dog is flea infested, follow directions for a flea bath or dip. Shampoos will rid pets of fleas, but won’t repel new fleas afterwards.
  • Keep in mind that bathing your pet with a flea shampoo can reduce the effect of a spot-on treatment. Use shampoos like Bio Guard, Natural Chemistry or Tropiclean (except the Neem formula), which won’t remove topical products.
  • You’re not done the first time you get rid of fleas. Because the life cycle of a flea can last 2 weeks or more, the flea population can resurge in your home. Clean and treat your home with flea and tick sprays for carpet, pet bedding and more. Don’t forget to treat your yard with flea and tick spray as well.
  • Going on vacation? Be vigilant after you return. Fleas can stay cocooned in the pupae stage for weeks and emerge when they sense a warm-blooded heat source nearby. This is why you might see more fleas after vacation or after moving into a new home.
  • Don’t use dog flea treatments on cats or vice versa! This could be harmful to your pet.
  • Rabbits, ferrets and other small animals can also be treated. Ask a Pet Supermarket associate for help with choosing a flea treatment that is safe for your small pet.

With the right tools and a consistent strategy, you’ll be armed to win the war against fleas and ticks! Start with dog flea control or cat flea control products from Pet Supermarket.