Prevent Ear Infections with Gimborn R-7

Jan_2013_1Has your dog had an ear infection? It’s among the top three reasons for visiting the vet. But with proper preventive care from Gimborn R-7, you can help your dog avoid infection. Use these products for comprehensive ear car and mite treatment. Gimborn R-7 products include:

 Step 1 Ear Care Powder for Dogs & Cats is designed to keep ears dry and reduce ear odor.

Step 2 Ear Care Cleaner is an effective weekly grooming aid for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Step 3 Ear Care Drying Creme is a unique liquid-to-powder formula applied after ear cleaning. It dries to a residual powder, keeping dog and cat ears dry and pleasant-smelling.

Ear Mite Treatment uses pyrethrin to safely and effectively kill ear mites in dogs and cats.