Top Feeding Mistakes by Cat Owners

Dec_2013_3This month, we offer a list of top feeding mistakes to avoid with your cat.

  • Milk
    The sight of a cat lapping up milk is an iconic image, but many cats actually become lactose intolerant once they reach adulthood. For them, drinking milk on a regular basis can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea. It’s fine as an occasional treat, but milk shouldn’t be given regularly and never as a replacement for water as this could lead to dehydration.
  • Tuna diet
    Your cat may find tuna’s strong smell and taste addicting, but a tuna diet is one lacking in nutrition. It doesn’t have enough vitamin E and can lead to increased levels of mercury. Keep it on the list of rare treats and provide a proper diet with quality cat food instead.
  • Neglecting life-stage feeding
    It’s important to feed your cat the proper food for her stage of life. Kitten food, for example, has more protein and fat, while senior cat food will often have less calories. Certain cat foods also address different health issues. To maintain your cat’s health, feed her a premium food that is appropriate for her needs at that stage of life.
  • Dog food
    Believe it or not, some cats are eating dog food — usually cats in multi-pet homes with various food bowls. If Kitty is dipping into Fido’s bowl at your home, discourage her. Dog food doesn’t provide the levels of protein or taurine cats need for good health.
  • Table scraps
    Feeding table scraps can lead to weight issues and health problems for your cat. Keep in mind also that with table scraps, you’re teaching your cat to be more finicky! It’s better to avoid feeding kitty any leftovers.

Use these tips to ensure proper nutrition and a healthy cat. For premium cat food and healthy treats, visit Pet Supermarket.