Keeping an Odor-Free Dog & Home


As a dog owner, you must inevitably deal with doggie odor. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to manage. Use these tips for a better smelling dog and home…

Find the cause

It’s best to find out what’s causing your dog’s odor first. Does Fido love to roll in smelly things or does he have a skin condition? Check with your vet if you suspect the latter. Also, some breeds have an oily hair coat that can build up odor, while others are predisposed to skin problems. Don’t forget, ear infections and gum disease can cause odor as well. Determine the cause and ensure there are no health problems before choosing the best solution.

Bath time

Barring any health issues, the smelly dog problem could be cleared up with regular bathing and the right shampoo. Dog shampoos have gone beyond the flea and tick variety. There are now medicated shampoos, anti-bacterial shampoos, formulas with oatmeal or chamomile, waterless shampoos and others. Choose one that suits your dog’s needs and bathe and groom him regularly.

Grooming all over

Besides bathing, your dog has other grooming needs that can affect his smell. Be sure to clean his ears, check his skin, clean his teeth and brush his fur. Some breeds have oilier fur, but if your dog suddenly develops an oily coat and smelly, flaky skin, he may have seborrhea, a skin condition that should be treated by a vet. Anal glands can also cause odors due to oily secretions and are a common problem. Check with your veterinarian to see if the glands should be expressed. Some groomers may do this as well.

Odor from within

Does your dog have a flatulence problem? If so, take a closer look at his diet. This type of issue can point to an intestinal problem or may be a matter of improper nutrition. If your dog is usually gassy, switch to a high-quality dog food that provides a proper diet.

Home and bedding

Once Fido is clean, eliminate the doggy smell at home by treating his bedding and other areas often. Your dog’s bed, for example, should get washed or have a washable cover. Extend the cleaning indoors with vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Pet cleaners are a must as well. Products such as Pup-Zyme or Oxy Solution contain ingredients that neutralize pet odors and keep your dog from wetting the same areas.

A regular schedule of grooming and preventive care can lead to a fresh-smelling dog and home! Visit Pet Supermarket for cleaning and grooming products to get you started.