How to Properly Set Up a Rabbit Cage

May_2013_1Preparing a home for a new bunny buddy? These cute, fun animals have specific housing needs. Follow these tips for the proper setup of a rabbit cage:


  • Set up your rabbit’s housing before you bring your pet home.
  • Unless they’re spayed or neutered, rabbits should be housed alone.
  • Caging should include a hiding area, food bowl, water bottle, salt lick, and hay manger.
  • The larger the cage, the better! Get a cage that has a lot of surface area, rather than multiple levels. Two levels are fine, but there is no need for a really tall cage.
  • The cage should have a solid bottom. Avoid a wire bottom, which can irritate a rabbit’s sensitive feet (the same goes for exercise wheels).
  • Use rabbit-safe litter or shavings to line the litter box. Make the bedding about one inch deep and be sure to change it at least every other day.
  • Rabbits need daily exercise for their health. An exercise pen is ideal for keeping your rabbit safe, but still giving them room to run.
  • Put the cage in an area that gets a lot of activity – rabbits are very social and love people!
  • Use only pet-safe cleaners in your pet’s cage. Nature’s Miracle is great for cleaning rabbit cages.
  • If you give your rabbit access to the outdoors, beware of high temperatures and potential predators (stray or wild animals).
  • If you allow your rabbit to roam your home, first rabbit-proof it by:
    • Moving all plants out of reach.
    • Moving all electrical cords out of reach. Rabbits try to chew them and can be electrocuted.
    • Restricting access to furniture & rugs (to avoid chewing and digging behaviors).

Use this advice to properly choose and set up a new rabbit home. Cages like our Deluxe Habitat provide extra features and a quiet, secure home for your bunny.