Why Your Cat Sleeps So Much


Lazy days and cat naps are natural for your cat. In fact, she may spend 12 to 16 hours sleeping or dozing each day. Older cats and kittens can sleep even longer.

But even when she naps, your cat is alert and ready to respond to sudden sounds or movements.

Here are some facts about why your cat naps:

  • As a predator, your cat is wired to hunt, mainly at night. Although your house cat doesn’t live the life of a wild cat, she still has the primal instinct to hunt and rest between meals to conserve energy.
  • Cats need more protein than dogs and this protein-rich diet requires more rest to help with digestion.
  • Like humans, cats can doze or sleep deeply. Your cat alternates between deep sleep (about 5 minutes) and dozing for 15 to 30 minutes.  It’s when she’s dozing that she’s alert and ready to respond.

The next time you see your cat sleeping, know that she’s recharging her kitty energy for more playing, pouncing and stalking!  Offer her plenty of cat toys to pounce on with the help of Pet Supermarket.