Double the Fun: Why You Should Adopt Kittens in Pairs


Who doesn’t love kittens and their playful antics? They’re funny to watch, especially when there are two. In fact, if you’re adopting kittens, it’s usually best to adopt two. Why? Read on for answers.

You’ll have socially-adjusted kitties
Kittens develop better socially when kept with a littermate or kitty friend. As they grow older, you’ll have healthier, happier cats.

Playtime (almost) never ends
You know the feeling… your kitten is revved up to play just as you’re planning to take it easy. With another kitten, she’ll have a constant playmate to tumble with and might also stay away from dangerous items (like electrical cords) that other cats explore out of boredom.

A good night’s sleep… uninterrupted
Your sleep is less likely to be interrupted by kitty’s nightly “hunting.” The two hunting buddies can play and keep each other busy.

Kittens or cats?
A pair of kittens growing up together will often result in feline harmony, but a pair of older cats may not do as well. Introducing two adult cats or a kitten into a home with an older cat might lead to behavior issues and territorial problems.

Adopting two kittens might seem like double the trouble, but consider it double the fun instead. You’ll have two well-adjusted cats who can play with each other. Get started with kitty supplies at Pet Supermarket and visit our website to find a group that offers cat adoptions in your area.