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Items at Home that can Endanger Your Pet Bird

Mar_2014_7As a responsible pet owner, it’s crucial you know that birds are fragile creatures in a human’s world. They are susceptible to many of the things they can come into contact with in your home.

To ensure your pet bird stays out of harm’s way, read on for some of the dangers that may be lurking.

Poison control
There are a wide range of substances that can be quite harmful to your bird. They include:

Nail polish remover

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How to Create a Safe Indoor Flying Environment for Your Bird

Mar_2014_7Does your bird get free-flight time inside your home? Here are a few precautions to make the experience a safe one.

Limit access to water

To prevent your bird from trying to drink or bathe in open water, keep the toilet covered and cover any pots of water in the kitchen. Since small birds can also get trapped in tall glasses of water, watch what you’re drinking and be mindful of any flower vases.

Make sure plants are bird friendly

Does your bird like to nibble on plants? Make sure it’s not harmful by checking this list of toxic plants. Continue reading

You know you need a new bird cage when…

July_2013_1Does Polly need a new home? You know she needs a new bird cage when…

There’s not as much room as you thought

Anyone can make a mistake. Not getting a large enough cage is a serious one as it can affect your bird’s comfort, movement, safety and even behavior. For these reasons, it’s best to buy the largest cage you can afford.

The cage door is broken or has been “fixed”

Did the door hinge break? It happens and you may be tempted to fix it with twist ties, binders or clips. But consider how this compromises the cage’s safety. Your bird may see the item as her new chew toy or may get her wing or foot caught in the extra space that’s now available.

The debris guard is cracked or missing

If the plastic tray at the bottom of the cage gets chipped or cracked, we advise against taping it or using a sheet of cardboard. Your bird’s curiosity or love of chewing (or both) will drive her to investigate this new material, which can be harmful if ingested. Any sharp edges that get exposed through the tape can also be a hazard. Continue reading

Teaching Your Pet Bird to Talk


Do you talk to your pets? If you have a pet bird, don’t be surprised if he learns to talk back. To encourage these bird chats, train your pet with these steps…

Make it fun and interesting

Birds respond to enthusiasm, so make it sound like a game and speak loudly and enthusiastically – as if you’re speaking to a child. Repeat the word in different tones of voice several times a day. Continue reading