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How Scent Affects Your Cat’s World


Scent is an important form of communication for your cat. Read on for interesting facts on how scent affects her world.

Eau de Kitty Diva: Your cat uses scent glands on her paws, cheeks, her head and near her behind to mark her territory and leave “messages” (and pheromones) for other cats.

You’re a part of the family scent: Did you know cats can have a group scent? You may have seen the cats in your home rubbing or grooming each other. This provides comfort and creates a communal scent.  You’re marked with the group scent as well.

Pungent ID: She marks not only cats and humans, but also objects with her scent. This is why new furniture may get a lot of attention. (Tip: To “pre-scent” new furniture, cover it with a sheet or towel you’ve used or rub her cheeks with a sock to collect her scent and rub it over the item. Don’t rub more than one cat with a sock.) Continue reading

Why Play is Important for Cats

Mar_2014_2If you’re the loving parent of an indoor cat, it’s important to know how important play is to her quality of life.

Unlike her wild cousins, she doesn’t spend her time hunting or playing freely. It’s up to you to create these opportunities for her. This makes play time vital for her wellbeing.

Why kitty needs play time every day:

  • Activity will keep your cat fit, which helps stave off weight and health problems.
  • Play time will help you bond with your cat. Continue reading

Greenies Dental Treats for Cats


Oral health issues are among the most common health problems in adult pets, including cats. But cat dental care is easier and delicious with Feline Greenies Dental Treats. They’re the only feline treat for tartar reduction approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Help maintain your cat’s health with Greenies, which feature…

  • No artificial flavors or preservatives and only 1.25 calories per piece.
  • 5 delicious flavors to spoil your cat, including Oven Roasted Chicken, Ocean Fish, Savory Salmon, Tempting Tuna and Succulent Beef.

Why Your Cat Goes Crazy for Certain Toys


Does your cat prefer to dart after mice or leap for birds or bugs? She might not be chasing the real thing, but your feline predator is likely to have a favorite prey. Knowing her preference can point you to her favorite type of toy as well. Use these tips to find out which prey toys will get the most attention.

Experiment with toys that mimic each type of prey and watch her reactions carefully.

  • Birds flying – To see if your cat likes to play with feathered friends, get a bird-like toy that dangles or chirps. Make it move and fly through the air. Does your cat follow and watch it intently? Does she try to reach it or does she ignore it?
  • Mice scampering – Next, try to tempt her with a mouse-like toy including a small stuffed animal or squeaking toy. As it moves along the ground, does your kitty give chase? Does she pay attention or is she waiting for the bird to return? Continue reading