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Garmon Hip Flex

Marchl_2012_1Hip Flex soft, chewable dog treats are formulated for maintaining joint health and flexibility for aging dogs. Hip Flex treats are made from a proprietary tart cherry and berry bio-active formulation that also contains glucosamine and flax seed oil, to help reduce inflammation and promote healthy knee and hip joints.

Hip Flex is available at your local Pet Supermarket store!

Digestive Enzymes with Prebiotics & Probiotics

March_2012_1Did you know up to 70% of the natural enzymes in dog food are lost during the cooking process? This formula with prebiotics and probiotics helps restore lost enzymes. It does double duty in supporting your dog’s immune system and boosting the nutritional benefits of your dog’s diet. It may also help improve stools and consistency, improve your dog’s skin and coat and has been known to prevent stool eating in dogs (coprophagia). We recommend using it with every meal.

Enzymes & Probiotics available at your Pet Supermarket.

NaturVet Naturals Soft Chews for Cats

April_2012_1Treat your cat to a natural, soft chew formulated by veterinarians. More than tasty catnip treats, each soft chew supports cat health.

  • Maintain your cat’s healthy urinary tract with Cranberry Relief Plus Catnip Soft Chews.
  • Reduce the stress of travel, grooming or the fear of thunderstorms with Quiet Moments Calming Aid Plus Ginger Soft Chews.
  • Eliminate and prevent hairballs with Hairball Plus Catnip Soft Chews. Flaxseed and fish oil also promote healthy skin and fur.

NaturVet Naturals Soft Chews for Catsare available at your local Pet Supermarket store!

Waterless Bath

May_2012_1If getting your pet into the bath is difficult, cleanse his coat with the Waterless Bath instead. It uses natural enzymes and Aloe Vera to remove odor and refresh your pet’s skin and coat. It’s safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and ideal for pets of all ages. Use it as an easy bath alternative or as a quick refresher between baths.

Waterless Bath is available at your local Pet Supermarket store!

Delectable Delights from Natural Balance

Sept_2012_2Indulge your pet’s taste buds with Delectable Delghts™ gourmet dog stews from Natural Balance. These stews are a great addition to a Natural Balance dry food diet and offer wholesome ingredients. The tasty options range from Bowl ‘O Barkgundy (beef, chicken liver & barley) and Chow-Down Chowder (chicken, peas & carrots) to Pawpaya Pilaf (whitefish, tuna, turkey & papaya) and others. They also come in convenient, re-sealable containers. Find Delectable Delights from Natural Balance at your nearest Pet Supermarket Store!

Zuke’s Lil’ Links: Healthy Sausage Links Made in the USA

Oct_2012_1Your dog won’t be able to resist Zuke’s Lil’ Links treats. In fact, he’ll be on his best behavior to earn one of these treats! They’re made with real meat, apples, potatoes, carrots and antioxidant-rich herbs. They’re also grain-free and made in the USA.

You won’t have to worry about mystery ingredients, byproducts or artificial flavors, just healthy goodness with real meat as the first ingredient. Get chicken pork or rabbit, seasoned with antioxidant-rich fruits, veggies, rosemary, turmeric and sage. Your dog will sit, stay and heel for this tasty treat!

Find Zuke’s Lil’ Links at your nearest Pet Supermarket Store!

Mixed Breed DNA Test

Nov_2012_1Would you like to learn more about your pet’s family tree? With a DNA swab sample, you could learn more about your dog’s breed makeup. This could reveal inherited traits behind your dog’s behavior, personality and wellness needs. With the Mixed Breed DNA Test, you can…

  • Get a breakdown of breeds in your dog’s last 3 ancestral generations.
  • See the 5 best breed matches for your dog.
  • Use this information to customize your dog’s diet and nutrition plan.
  • Cater to your dog’s breed-specific needs for health, diet and training.

Learn more about your dog. Get a Mixed Breed DNA Test kit at your local Pet Supermarket.

Jolly Egg Play Toys

Dec_2012_1Does your dog destroy his toys? He’ll meet his match with the Jolly Egg, an egg-shaped ball that is hard to pin down and nearly indestructible. Keep your dog entertained as he tries to catch it and wrap his mouth around it. The ball’s erratic rolling movement and hard plastic makes it a tough challenge and a fun play toy. Get the Jolly Egg at Pet Supermarket in 8” and 12” sizes.

Check out the Jolly Egg in our new Holiday TV Commercial

Prevent Ear Infections with Gimborn R-7

Jan_2013_1Has your dog had an ear infection? It’s among the top three reasons for visiting the vet. But with proper preventive care from Gimborn R-7, you can help your dog avoid infection. Use these products for comprehensive ear car and mite treatment. Gimborn R-7 products include:

 Step 1 Ear Care Powder for Dogs & Cats is designed to keep ears dry and reduce ear odor.

Step 2 Ear Care Cleaner is an effective weekly grooming aid for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Step 3 Ear Care Drying Creme is a unique liquid-to-powder formula applied after ear cleaning. It dries to a residual powder, keeping dog and cat ears dry and pleasant-smelling.

Ear Mite Treatment uses pyrethrin to safely and effectively kill ear mites in dogs and cats.

Flex Rx Works Against Joint Pain and Inflammation


Does your pet suffer from joint pain or inflammation? Flex Rx supplement helps dogs with joint pain or breeds known for joint issues. It’s a supplement designed to control joint deterioration. Unlike Glucosamine, it works against the inflammation that causes joint pain, rather than masking the pain itself. It also uses natural plant products (flavonoids Baicalin and Catechin), which make it effective for long-term use. With powerful, natural ingredients and clinically proven results, Flex Rx can help you manage your pet’s joint health for a long, active life.