Parrots are intelligent birds that offer great companionship. If you’re a proud parrot parent (or are thinking of becoming one), you might not be aware of these interesting facts:

  1. Parrots have their own body language
    They use their body to communicate what they are feeling, but because they have feathers and beaks and not nails and teeth, it may be difficult for a human to understand that body language. Take the time to get to know your parrot so you can pick up on the obvious cues he will give when he is scared, nervous or angry.
  2. Parrots aren’t domesticated
    Domestic animals have been bred to have specific features and character traits. Parrots have not been domesticated, however, which means that they’re just as they appear in the wild.
  3. Parrots are different species, not breeds
    While beagles or bulldogs are different breeds, they’re both members of the same dog species. Parrots, however, are different species. A blue and gold Macaw, for example, is a different species than an African grey parrot, which is why we can’t generalize about the needs of parrots overall.
  4. They need complex nutrition
    Keep in mind that parrots have a large, complex diet consisting of various types of nuts, fruits, foliage, soil, clay and even grubs.
  5. They’re intelligent
    Because they’re so intelligent, they require activity. Provide them with toys, take them out of their cages and let them engage with you and others.
  6. They have delicate bodies
    Parrots have very delicate bodies and respiratory systems, which make them susceptible to complicated diseases. As such, they require special veterinary care and special care at home.
  7. Parrots can be trained
    Want to communicate with your parrot? You’ll need to train him. He’s intelligent enough to learn tricks, talk or respond to cues. Reward good behavior to let him know what is expected.
  8. They live long lives
    Parrots have a long life expectancy, so make sure you’re ready for a long-term commitment. He will likely be with you for the major milestones in your life and then some.

Above all, parrots are fun and they make wonderful pets.